This photograph reminds me of a movie from my dad’s era. I don’t know if I saw it with him. Maybe I did. His favorite movies are old ones. Usually from the 1950’s or 60’s, with a slow evolving storyline. If they’re in black and white, even better. Now here’s a movie with meaning, is his usual comment as the movie starts. I still smile thinking about his words. But I’ve digressed…


In this particular movie, a young girl living in a small housing complex, feels death at her doorsteps. Her neighbor who’s a struggling painter tries to persuade her otherwise. Days pass. Her health declines. Late autumns arrives. The leaves on the vine covering a wall facing her room start falling off. She becomes superstitious, linking her fate with the leaves. One late afternoon, as the wind starts to howl, she makes a pact. If tomorrow I wake up and there’s at least one leaf left, I’ll get better. Only a few leaves remain. Before her curtains are drawn for the night, the camera shows a couple more leaves flying away. In a state of resignation, she tries to sleep. It’s a stormy night, but morning finally arrives. The curtains are opened. One leaf remains on the wall, attached to a slim wooden stem. She smiles, her eyes shine, and distracted, she doesn’t see the stretcher carrying away a fully covered human body. The camera focuses on that one remaining leaf. Unexpectedly, the tiny wooden stem holding the leaf breaks off. But the leaf doesn’t fall. The camera zooms in. It’s a painting.


I don’t know why this movie left an impression and has stayed with me. Maybe as a constant reminder to do good. And that leaves fly away with the wind…

Susanne & Sasan

Picture by Susanne Navid - Words by Sasan Navid

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